Wonderland Mediterranean Hideaway

Project : Laurel Canyon

Having once belonged to rock ‘n roll royalty, this mid-century home had echoes of celebrity parties reverberating in its structure. Putting magic in its bones was a labour of love close to my heart.

Whimsical, elegant ironwork was custom made for the courtyard while Grecian blues and greens accompanied with citrus, lavender and rosemary plants infuse a Mediterranean sensibility. A hint of gypsy is the perfect addition to the rustic simplicity stimulating conversation and interest.

Collections of vintage objet d’art were mindfully sourced from markets as far as France. Morocco and Spain adding depth and warmth to the intentionally minimalist backdrop. Foliage deliberately embraces the open areas allowing multiple touch points with nature.

Exposed beams and oak floorboards are enhanced with floods of light from repeated windows and skylights, while rumpled beds bring in warmth and romance. Once the bedroom suite was opened up, it released an air of playfulness radiating positivity and joy through the expansive spaces.