Venice Eclectic

Project : Venice Ca
This ‘mid-century modern’ meets hippie home, warranted a trip to the magical San Miguel De Allende, Mexico where hand-made blankets from the hillside town, and indigenous patterned rugs feature heavily on both floors and beds.

All the beds were custom made low to catch the treescape surroundings. The whole area is very woodsy and seeing the treetops from the beds made it feel like a tree house. In fact, everything was low, even the furniture. This was grounding but also kept the low ceilings in the living room from feeling imposing. Ample indoor plants added to the contemporary boho effect as did the collections of vintage collections and artful treasures.

Of high importance is getting to know the inhabitants. Who are you? What do you love? How do you live? Do you live with layers on or is simplicity your highest value? What are your roots and what makes you feel like you’ve come home?
I found an amazing woman who sources crystals globally and gives me the best prices. She has valuable knowledge as to what energies are needed for balance. We also sourced a classic hippie hanging basket chair and created a custom wood stump table to bring in an organic feel in the bedroom. Perfect for a stack of books and vintage lamp.