Olema House Hotel

Project : Point Reyes
As the Creative Director overseeing a full design team, we brought this somewhat rundown and dated hotel into an award-winning boutique destination, voted by Cosmo as one of the top sexiest hotels in the world.
So much was required…more en-suite bathrooms, more romance, more vibe. We matched the owner’s love of organic and rustic with his sentiment of sexy and moody sourcing special items from all over the world. Most of the furnishing is custom made or remodelled – we used studio designed and curated pieces to match the vintage.

Attracting adventure seekers, family celebrations and romantic interludes, we created the interior architecture as a holding embrace for love fulfilled; a visionary canvas for adventure and relaxation, and a weaver of dreams through the eyes of the ‘birders’.

Strong elemental features, the surrounding earth, the whispering wind and plentiful fireplaces provided us with the perfect complement to the choice of materials. Wood, leather, stone, quills, skins and natural fabrics we made into predominant features. Some of the chandeliers and leather coverings were sourced as far as South Africa where the owner spent his childhood.
Beautiful layered luxury sits alongside the natural elements like a forest queen bejewelled and royal. We layered the drapery in the bedrooms allowing the option of closing out the world or letting the moonlight or sunlight dance in the interior spaces. Our treatment was extremely guest-centric, anticipating the many moods, activities and expressions one might want to inhabit on a nature retreat.
Dramatic colour and deep hues in the social areas draw in a feeling of deep comfort. Olema Hotel is a wonderful dance of exotic, earthy, rustic, organic and sexy.
You don’t have to TREK around the WORLD to find a SEXY STAY.”
Rated one of the
SEXIEST HOTELS in the world.