La Brea Showroom

Project : Los Angeles
La Brea was created as an artist’s salon, a showroom, and imaginarium for clients to visualise what CK could do to their own homes and work spaces. Up top we built a Mezzanine and designed the stairwell inspired by Chanel’s HQ in France. The street level was a rotating showcase of my collection and hand-picked vintage. The showroom was also used for parties and special art exhibits. On one of the walls we created a ‘chair’ installation to express how ‘the chair’ can be seen as an art form – my favorite item to source and collect.
Frivolous and classical, grandiose and spacious are all demonstrated in an artful journey of experience where Baroque sits in comfortable contrast with modern.
Christina Karras BOASTS A COLLECTION that blends “a Laurel Canyon BOHEMIAN STYLE with ROCK N’ ROLL GLAM”