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client experience

Working with Christina was a creative pleasure. She worked on my primary home as well as a boutique hotel project and in both she surprised and delighted with her ideas, found pieces and mastery of color and paint. She conceptualized a delicious vibe that elevated both spaces to works of art.

Martin Sacks
Mill Valley, Point Reyes Ca

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      client experience

      Whether she is working with texture, feel, overall look or even the more hidden layers of thematic background, she takes careful consideration of all the elements of personality and pragmatics and finds the perfect, whipsmart solution.

      Christina possesses that elusive skill which enables her to wield her honesty to surgically slice away that which detracts from the overall success of a project. Roll all of these talents together, and you are left with a formidable combination for taste, precision, confidence and flawless execution wrapped in someone who is truly a delight to be around.

      Shea Wells
      Client, Healdsburg