Christina Karras is known for legendary design commissions

famous recording studios, rock star homes, eco havens, ateliers and award-winning hotels;
she approaches both commercial and individual projects with expert execution and high design.

Christina is now focusing her creative energies and endeavors in an exciting new joint venture, a company her and an esteemed colleague have named morph which launches in the Summer of 2020. With home staging as the focus,
morph provides a valuable service to the real estate world lending creativity, magic and artistry in full bloom. As an adjunct Morph has a classic product line meticulously considered, filled with beautiful furnishings and a small collection of curated vintage.
My LOVE for PHOTOGRAPHY, MUSIC and TRAVEL has shaped my perception of design. Fifteen years of experience; ROCK N’ ROLL ROOTS and SOULFUL BOHEMIAN STYLE provide the genesis for creation, enabling me to see the space, adding VINTAGE SENSIBILITY, texture, utility and BEAUTY.”
Christina has a veritable cache of contacts for every type of artisan, auction, furnishing, finishing, fine art, vintage, craftsperson and an uncanny ability for knowing what to add or take away to make any space feel inviting, compelling and complete. As such, she is sought after for her wisdom and ability that allows sellers to highlight the beauty of their homes to prospective buyers.

Being a collector of fine furnishings and buyer of global ‘one of a kind’ pieces Christina is an endless resource when finding the perfect piece to satisfy a whimsy, a heartfelt desire or practical application. She also undertakes sourcing contracts where her consultation work is priceless. Christina is admired, personable and highly regarded by her clients who find unbounded inspiration from her enthusiasm, clarity and exceptional work ethic.

Besides the practical aspect of creating beautiful interiors, Christina is able to interpret the intangible, creating ambience, and offering spaces so much more than the sum of the parts. The emotion conjured from her designs is her signature of inspirational artistry.

Christina possesses an INNATE ABILITY to create spaces that EXUDE texture and depth.


“FIERCE CREATIVITY and INGENIOUS VERSATILTY is at the core of Christina’s HEART PULSE. Projects from a star-dusted party for LENNY KRAVITZ and CHER, a vast and extensive residential recording studio for eminent MUSIC PRODUCER MAX MARTIN; office headquarters for GRAMMY AWARD WINNER David Forster’s 143 Records; and countless private homesteads for RENOWNED CREATIVES like ‘La Cage aux Folles’ French director Francis Veber; and the Alpine Star Family; are executed with IMMACULATE PRECISION and expansive vision.


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